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Chess Match in Mukachevo is holding under supervision and assistance of Mukachevo City Council and personally by Major Vassily Pet`ovka.

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Peter Leko
Vassily Ivanchuk
Leko Ivanchuk

Mukachevo , Ukraine . 25-28.10.2007

(12 rounds, rapid, 10 min + 10 sec per move)

" Of course I want to win world championship, but the most important for me is to improve my play. When one chooses this way he must work all the time, everyday 8-10 hours. But I hope I’ll become one day a World Champion!"

Accuracy is present not only in chess but also in the whole appearance of our hero. Wise guy in spectacles, resembling classic A-student, sportsman (Leko used to play football very successfully), lucky husband, a man who is gradually perfecting himself in the selected profession, where he is one of the best – this is the portrait of Peter Leko. The most important Hungarian’s merit in respect to sport is his psychological steadiness, ability to keep tension, fight at full stretch as long as it is needed for positive result. Even the strongest opponents often can’t stand such play and make decisive mistakes.

"The goal to become a World Champion is desirable, but not obligatory. What does it mean to win World crown? It is to play good in a tournament or tournaments of appropriate status. Surely, if I play in such a tournament – what I plan to do - I’ll do my best."

The difference between genius and talent was nice explained by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer:”Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” The Ukrainian is the only one who deserved generally accepted title of genius in the time of Kasparov and Anand in 90th. He often pleases the public with flashes of magnificent revelation.