Ivanchuk - Leko 2009




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Joseph Resh  

Joseph Resh is well known as the director of chess match between World Champion Vladimir Kramnik and chess program “Deep Fritz”. He was born and grown up in Mukachevo, Ukraine. Having emigrated to his historical fatherland Germany he hasn’t forgotten the land of his childhood and youth, where many friends, especially chessplayers, are left. Joseph Resh himself is devoted fan of the intellectual game. He often visits Zakarpattya in business and sport affairs. With his support local chess club was renovated. It’s not a surprise therefore that organizing the match Leko vs. Ivanchuk is the way of celebrating his 50.

Kramnik Resh

Vladimir Kramnik with his friend Joseph Resh and manager Karsten Hensel.

Ilumzinov Resh

FIDE President Kirsan Ilumzhinov and Joseph Resh at the chessboard.


Universal Event Promotion

Universal Event Promotion was found in Dortmund, in the year of 2005. It is an agency which organizes events world-wide. The main cause of our company is to present International outstanding chess events. Universal Event Promotion undertakes all tasks to create a perfect event: conception, planning, organization, realization, public relations.

Chess is an intelligent and fascinating sport. Chess is our passion.
We shall go on and do our utmost to make chess competition organized by Universal Event Promotion a prominent and unforgettable event.

Josef Resch
The President and founder of Universal Event Promotion

Chess Club 32х64
The Chess Club of Mukachevo was found 30 years ago. But was dramaticaly renewed 2 years ago by financial and organisation support of Josef Resh.
Restaurant "Vishnevi Sad"
"Vishnevi Sad" - this is elegant, distinguished and at the same time modern restaurant in the center of the Mukachevo city.
Our Address: 52, Pushkin st., Mukachevo. tel: (03131) 4-40-40, 3-40-40.

Our services:

  • Banqueting room for 18 seats
  • protected parking
  • the best Ukrainian and Europian food
  • live music and dancing perfomance
  • .

"ProKK" - Internet Service Provider.
Phone: 38 03131 54222
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