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The Twist of Fate or ... Happy Move!


What associations do we usually have when we think about New Year Holidays? Christmas Tree, Santa, our favorite film "The Twist of Fate", a chiming clock, sparklers, champagne, salad "olivje". After that we sleep till the next afternoon and then we repeat everything once more and once more ...
In 2009 this "new year routine" is going to change. Because J .Resh has prepared an amazing desert to all who love chess. From the 3-d to the 5-th of January the second rapid chess match between V.Ivanchuk and P.Leko is taking place in Mukachevo, Ukraine. Two chess players who are in the world top ten competed in October 2007. That time nobody won the "fair single combat". The match finished with a draw result 6:6. After the main part of the match there was a Cup Tie which was won by V.Ivanchuk.
Since the "single combat" in Mukachevo both Ivanchuk and Leko have added a lot of new trophies to their home collections. P.Leko won the Super Tournament in Dortmund and V.Ivanchuk won almost all the tournaments where he took part. The most famous of them was Mtel Masters in Sofia, and Tal memorial in Moscow, where he played classic and rapid chess.
A small town in the west of Ukraine became a traditional place for the match that has not had any analogues in Ukraine before. And that is not only due to its good geographic position though it is almost possible to find the most suitable place for ¬the best chess players from Hungary and Ukraine. The local chess club "32x64" founded by J.Resh a year ago has organized a great number of different chess competition beginning with children's ones to such big round robin tournaments in which the winners can win the title of an international chess master.
The time limit of the match envisaged 6 games with time control of 25 min to each player plus 10 sec for the move. Universal Event Promotion the company which is organized the match promised to make us happy not only with the depth of the chess though but with a rich and cultural program.
Two chess players who are going to meet in an intellectual "duel" have already played 59 games with different time-control.
The first meeting took placed in Belgrad in 1995. Since that time P.Leko has got 12 victories, V.Ivanchuk has won 11 times and in 36 meetings they where equal.
Though Leko and Ivanchuk have both played their World championship matches, their results show that they where not the last attempt to get the prize.
Peter has overcome his peaceful disposition and his extra respect to his opponents and wants to win this time. We can remember his match in 2007 when the very last day Leko put a lot of efforts and won two games.
    "I have become much stronger, and my play is more various now. I hope I'll have a few more chances to get the world crown. I have got a lot of experience and now I know what the World Championship means and next time I won't make the same mistakes. Though I didn't win the match vs Kramnik, I am still an optimist. I'm looking forward to new meetings and tournaments. From year to year I like winning more and more and if you work hard and honestly it won't be in vain. I'm still growing and developing as a chess player."
      V.Ivanchuk has learned to control his emotions. His play became more stable and his huge love to chess makes him invent something new all the time. That's why today Ivanchuk has got the highest rating for all his chess career and he isn't going to stop at this level.
    "Chess is many-sided game in my view. It combines not only sport and art but psychology of life and philosophy. Chess influense a lot on our world outlook especially when a person plays chess very well. I thing the science of philosophy is rather close to chess. But when we speak about art I thing music, theatre and ... circus are the closest to chess. Chess managed to combine a lot of things which seem incompatible. For example logic and poetry. The main - thing is never stop working. Once M.Botvinnik said: "If you want to play chess very well you have to learn the whole life." I fully agree with him. I'd like to win, to make my rating higher. I'm still very ambitious but today I'm more balanced and calm so I can get a real pleasure from the play and show good results."

We are really looking forward to seeing this exciting match with an unpredictable result. So I wish both participants a lot of experience and I congratulate all the chess lovers and wish everyone happy New Year. I'm sure they will get a lot of pleasure form the match.

                                                                      Vladimir Grabinsky
Honoured Trainer of Ukraine,
International Chess Master

Universal Event Promotion

Universal Event Promotion was found in Dortmund, in the year of 2005. It is an agency which organizes events world-wide. The main cause of our company is to present International outstanding chess events. Universal Event Promotion undertakes all tasks to create a perfect event: conception, planning, organization, realization, public relations.

Chess is an intelligent and fascinating sport. Chess is our passion.
We shall go on and do our utmost to make chess competition organized by Universal Event Promotion a prominent and unforgettable event.

Josef Resch
The President and founder of Universal Event Promotion

Chess Club 32х64
The Chess Club of Mukachevo was found 30 years ago. But was dramaticaly renewed 2 years ago by financial and organisation support of Josef Resh.
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